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Healthy BBQ Ideas for May Bank Holiday Weekend

Ever heard the saying ‘Summer bodies are made in Winter’? People work so hard in the Winter to get their bikini bodies to then sabotage their efforts by indulging in greasy BBQs and high calorie alcoholic drinks as soon as Summer arrives. We really believe that small changes can make

April 28th, 2016

Drink H20: The Health Benefits of Water.

Water is all around us, from the stuff we swim in to the beverage we drink. In fact, with our bodies consisting of around 60% of water, it basically is us. It’s no wonder we feel so much better when we drink enough of it. We've rounded up the top

April 21st, 2016

Healthy Pizza Recipe for you and your children

With years of experience and talking to our patients, we have found that before coming to NSC Clinics, so many mums found it hard to stay on track with their diets as they often pick at their children’s food or to save making different meals just have the same kids

April 14th, 2016

Don’t blame fat people for obesity…

Headlining in The Times today was an article on not blaming the obese for the obesity crisis. It goes onto read; ‘Fat people should not be held responsible for their weight because it is mostly down to genes and the abundance of snacks and fast food’. The negative attitude towards

April 8th, 2016