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Cycling: The versatile way to lose weight…

Whether you like cycling at the gym, bike riding to work or a weekend cycling day out, the benefits of cycling are incredible to your health and fitness levels. Regular cycling increases muscle strength and flexibility, decreases body fat levels and lowers stress levels. Have a look at some ways

June 25th, 2015

Fitness Classes – what do you want to target?

Some people have heaps of self-motivation to go to the gym regularly and work out on their own. Others enjoy being taught exercises whilst being in a social environment. Fitness classes are a fun way of exercising and actually reserving your space at the class acts as an incentive to

June 11th, 2015

Swimming for Slimming

Do you struggle with the generic idea of ‘exercise’?  Is your worst nightmare a morning spent in the gym with weights and cardio machines you neither understand nor enjoy? The kind of exercise we normally benefit most from is the type that we can a) fit into our lifestyle and

June 4th, 2015

Spray Tans – The Slimmer’s Best Friend…

Victoria Beckham was recently quoted saying that too much dark fake tan ages the face.  It is undeniable that this is true.  However, it is also undeniable that a subtle, well finished spray tan by a professional can be responsible for slimming and perfecting a multitude of sins! ‘Orange’ spray

May 21st, 2015