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Spray Tans – The Slimmer’s Best Friend…

Victoria Beckham was recently quoted saying that too much dark fake tan ages the face.  It is undeniable that this is true.  However, it is also undeniable that a subtle, well finished spray tan by a professional can be responsible for slimming and perfecting a multitude of sins! ‘Orange’ spray

May 21st, 2015

Would you book your Husband Botox?

We recently posted on social media a celebrity quote from Simon Cowell referencing his use of Botox being so frequent that it was comparable to his use of toothpaste. This prompted us to wonder - is it becoming more socially acceptable for the 'less fair' sex to rely on a

May 14th, 2015

Obesity crisis creates boom in cosmetic surgery…

Latest research shows that 22% of people would consider cosmetic procedures such as liposuction to lose weight. This research stems from growing pressures from both Doctors and the Government on the obese members of the population to slim. Women are particularly inclined to turn to ‘quick fix’ treatments (48 per

May 7th, 2015

The Breast Way To Stay Youthful?

Have you ever looked at a more mature celebrity and marvelled at her wondrously youthful face but completely overlooked the rest of her figure? New research suggests that women as a whole are more concerned with the appearance of their face in terms of ageing than body.  Do we really

April 30th, 2015