Healthy Christmas Day Food Swaps

Did you know, on average people consume almost three times their daily calorie allowance on Christmas day? Don’t worry! You can still enjoy the day and indulge in your Christmas dinner without gaining extra pounds. Here at NSC Clinics we believe losing weight shouldn’t be about restricting yourself. With a few simple swaps you’ll not […]

Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas

With less than 4 week until Christmas everyone is trying to save the pennies. A good way of saving money is swapping your shop bought lunches for packed lunches. Not only will this help save you a few pounds in your bank account but will also help you save a few pounds on your waist […]

Healthy Halloween Treats

It’s almost Halloween, the night that’s all about scary costumes, spooky decorations, sweet treats and of course pumpkins! Are you off to a party, or even throwing your own and worried about what to eat that’s not going to spoil your diet? Don’t fret! We have some easy and healthy Halloween pumpkin inspired recipes for […]

How To Stay Healthy This Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full swing and we’re sure there will still be a few more weddings to attend this year. Love it or hate it, it’s that time of year where your calendar is full of weddings. Although consuming an overall healthy diet allows some room for cheat days, attending many weddings in the […]

Top Tips To Keep Healthy Successfully At Your Summer BBQ.

With summer in full swing, BBQ season is finally here and is the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends, family and spoil yourself with food that will cause you to wake up the next morning with a bloated belly. This is probably not what you want to hear when you’re trying to lose weight […]

Healthy Picnic

It’s finally summer, which means beach days, holidays and picnics. These can all make your weight loss journey seem just a little bit more daunting with all the treats and fatty foods tempting you. These delicious food swaps will help you separate the bad from the good and choose the healthier options when planning a […]

Healthy vs Unhealthy BBQ Foods

It’s BBQ season and when you’re trying to lose weight, ‘BBQ’ is probably a word you don’t want to hear. But don’t panic, this list of BBQ fatty favourites and low calorie alternatives are here to save the day and keep you on track during your weight loss journey, whilst still allowing you to have […]

Vegan Swaps

People are becoming increasingly aware that consuming a high meat based diet is having serious impacts on not only the long term health of the planet but also on the risk of diabetes, heart disease and several other diseases. With a significant number of the world’s population consuming more milk and meat than not only […]

Summer Salad Recipes

Winter is way behind us and now it’s time to look forward to Summer, sun and swimsuits. As the weather is getting warmer, we’re starting to no longer crave hot, filling comfort foods and are looking for lighter lunches and fruity smoothies. We’ve found three delicious salad recipes that are light but filling enough to […]

The Health Benefits of Milk

Milk is a staple ingredient in our diets and lifestyle. Although we may think, as adults, that we don’t really need to incorporate as much milk into our diets as we did when we were children, milk does contain a lot of health benefits we can reap. Different types of milk each have their own […]