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Pigmentation is the discolouration of the skin tone causing your skin to look uneven. Melanin is the skin pigment that gives the depth of colour in our skin, hair and eyes. The darker the skin, the more melanin in the skin cells.

Sometimes when skin cells are damaged or unhealthy, they produce more melanin to help protect the skin causing it to go darkers, This is called hyper-pigmentation. Alternatively, sometimes when cells are damaged and they stop the production of melanin and your skin can go lighter in patches, this is called hypopigmentation.

Pigmentation can be caused by sun exposure, genetics, hormones, medical conditions and trauma to the skin. These can become more obvious as we age.

Exfoliating with products that contain glycolic acid can help remove dead skin cells and lighten any dark marks. At NSC Clinics we offer a range of treatments to help reverse the effects of skin pigmentation:

Treatments available at NSC Clinics that treat Pigmentation:

What is skin pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation is the natural colour of the skin. Melanocytes which produce melanin and are therefore responsible for the colour of your hair, eyes and skin.

Will sun exposure help my pigmentation?

No, sun exposure will make pigmentation worse so make sure to use sun protection with a high SPF.

Will scrubbing and strongly exfoliating my skin help reduce pigmentation?

No, pigmentation lies in the deeper layers of the skin that you cannot exfoliate. Harsh exfoliants will trigger inflammation which may make your pigmentation appear worse.



"I had the Light Peel at NSCC in my lunch hour. My skin felt so refreshed without any peeling so I could go straight back to work with a gorgeous glow. "


Billie M

"The dermaroller treatment was amazing at NSCC. My skin feels tighter and my fine lines have greatly reduced. A great treatment for fine lines!"

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