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Hands can give away your age and can age faster than the face, as we do not tend to apply the same anti-ageing routines to our hands as we do our faces. After years of hand washing, daily use and environmental factors, the skin on our hands begins to get dry and age. The skin can become scaly with crêpey skin and protruding veins, age spots and brittle nails.

Treatments available at NSC Clinics that treat ageing hands:



"I had noticed that my skin was beginning to show signs of ageing, and was recommended to try a course of the Dermaroller treatments at NSCC to help improve the appearance of my skin. This is also known as skin needling. I was advised that I would need either three or six treatments over a period of a few months, and decided to go with this. The treatment time takes about 30 minutes during which time the roller is moved over the face, which stimulates the blood vessels, which then over a period of time, helps to regenerate the collagen cells and improve the quality of your skin. After having 3 treatments on my course, these being 6 weeks apart, I was so pleased with what I was seeing. People were asking me where I had been as I looked so well and my skin was looking good! I am so pleased with the result. "

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