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Big/Bump Nose

Because the nose occupies the center of the face, mild asymmetries can be quite striking. If you are currently unhappy about the shape of your nose rather than the size then non-surgical dermal fillers can be used in various ways to straighten excess curvature for example in a curved or hook shaped nose or plump out areas or depressions which could be natural or due to an accident. A tip projection can also be carried out which involves inserting a filler in the tip of the nose to give an upturned appearance. This would result in symmetrical and defined nasal contours.

The Non-Surgical Nose Job is an option for you if you have:

  • A slightly crooked nose
  • A hook shaped nose that would like straightening
  • A mild to moderate bump on the bridge of the nose
  • A mild to moderate drooping of nasal tip
  • A nose that needs refinement after surgical rhinoplasty
  • Noses that would like more height, definition and a nose tip


Treatments available at NSC Clinics that treat big/bump noses are:

How long will the non surgical nose job last?

The effects can last from 6 months to a year.

Is the treatment painful?

Our dermal filler treatments are combined with a local anaesthetic called lidocaine which will minimise any discomfort.

Are dermal fillers safe?

At National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinics we use only the highest quality products including Juvederm and Restylane. Millions of treatments have been performed throughout the world and produced excellent results.



"I recently had a non surgical nose job and I cannot express the happiness it has brought me! For many years I have been very conscious and unhappy with the shape of my nose but after receiving treatment at NSC in Brighton I could not recommended the practice enough! I received a thorough consultation prior to the treatment and the staff were more than accommodating. Thank you NSC for improving my appearance considerably! I am now a much more confident individual! "



"The treatment was AMAZING. I couldn’t even feel the injections go in and actually went to move as I thought it was over but the needle was still inside me! It took about 5 minutes to perform the procedure and the results were INCREDIBLE! I had no dip in my nose anymore – I actually had a straight nose which looked like a bone had formed in the top of my nose – my dream nose! Dr Olah injected a tiny bit in the bottom of my nose to lift the tip as this was another area I hated as my nose ‘hung over’ a bit. Oh my goodness after the treatment there was no hanging of the tip of my nose – it looked so cute."

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