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A very common and sometimes embarrassing issue that both men and women can suffer from is excess hair and hair in the ‘wrong’ places. This is usually due to genetics and ethnicity, however some women can suffer from ‘hirsutism’ which is defined as having hair in male patterns (dark and thick hair). Therefore, when there is a hormonal imbalance, excess hair can grow as a consequence of this.

Instability of hormone levels and symptoms such as excess hair can also be part of a condition called PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) or even the menopause. For some people shaving and waxing can become repetitive and time consuming so they are looking for a long term solution to removing unwanted hair.

Therefore, at NSC Clinics we offer laser hair removal to remove excess and unwanted hair from the body.

Treatments available at NSC Clinics that treat excess hair:

I have particularly dark and thick hair, will treatment work on me

Laser Hair Removal will work on dark and thick hair, it may take more sessions to remove the hair than fine hair would.



"I was having to shave under my arms every other day as I have dark hair. I decided to try Laser Hair Removal and I cannot believe the difference. After 3 sessions my hair was so fine and hardly anything was growing back. Now after having 6 sessions I have no hair under my arms at all! Miracle treatment! I could not be happier. "


Mrs Nicholls

"I have always hated shaving and considered it a real drag when it came to the Summer. I decided to try the Soprano hair removal at NSCC and I am so pleased I did, it’s the best treatment ever and I would recommend it to anyone. I am so pleased with the results as I am now hair free under my arms, my legs and my bikini! Roll on summer… "

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