Cosmetic Treatment: Anti-Wrinkle Treatments and Dermal Fillers

Looking at myself in the mirror, I was beginning to notice that at the age of 61 years old a few lines and wrinkles were appearing, and that my face did not have that look of freshness about it.

I am not adverse to the ageing process, but feel that a little help from cosmetic treatments now and then can just boost your self esteem.  I had already heard of National Cosmetic Clinics through a friend of mine, and had seen the results of her treatment, so was not at all worried about booking a consultation to ask there advice.
From the moment I spoke on the phone, I was made to feel very much at ease, and I booked to go in for a free consultation with one of their doctors.
As soon as I met the doctor, it was obvious that she had great knowledge and understanding of  my requirements. Not pushy, she just explained in detail to me what treatment would best suit my needs, and also what would be right for my face. My concerns were that my cheeks  were not as defined as they used to be, my lips were thinning, and that the lines around my eyes were a little to deep. The doctor  had a cosmetic facial planner on her desk, and we set out a treatment plan of where we should treat and with what products.
I found that so useful to actually see visually what the plan would be rather than just being told. We also discussed my medical history and filled out the necessary forms for the relevant treatments.
On leaving the clinic after having booked an appointment to go ahead with the treatment, I felt that I had made the right choice of professional people to look after my face!
On the day of treatment, I arrived a little earlier for my appointment, as I had to have some cream put on before going in to the doctor and the girls on the desk were so helpful.
They remembered that I liked black tea, and made me a drink straight away, asking if I would like to sit in the creaming room for privacy or stay with them. I opted to stay with them and we spent the next 20 minutes chatting away and putting the world to rights!
In no time the Doctor came out, shook my hand, and welcomed me into her room again. Feeling very relaxed, she explained in what order she would do the treatments, and did I have any questions to ask.  I can honestly say that I was expecting to feel some pain, but all I felt was a slight pin prick feeling when the needle entered the skin and just a mild stinging sensation around my lip area.
The doctor explained to me at each point what she was doing, and in no time, (around about 45 minutes), my treatment was complete! She showed me with the mirror where she had injected, what to expect over the next few days, and advised me on aftercare. I was also given an aftercare form. I left the clinic a very satisfied lady!
All I can say is after one week the results are fantastic; my cheeks are back, I have beautiful shaped lips and I have softened lines around my eyes! Everybody is saying how well I look! My daily make up routine is a pleasure, because everything is so beautifully enhanced.
Everyone is asking  where I have been and I am telling them; two of my friends have now booked in or treatments!
Thank you so much NSC Clinics – you are the best!”