Treatment: Anti-Wrinkle Treatments



Over the last few years as I move towards my mid 40’s, I’ve noticed that the lines between my eyebrows have deepened & that I’ve developed crows feet around the corners of my eyes which I feel ages my face & I also don’t like how makeup sits in the folds.





On the recommendation of the confident & knowledgeable doctor, I opted for botox as I wanted a subtle change rather than anything too obvious. The doctor was very thorough; she asked lots of questions about the look I was hoping to achieve & discussed various options with me of where the botox should be placed to achieve the best result.

The treatment itself was very quick & relatively painless (significantly less painful than visiting the hygienist at the dentist, which I did later the same day!). The results took about 3 days to start showing with the full effect achieved in about 10 days.





I’m absolutely thrilled with the results, my skin looks so much smoother around my eyes, forehead & between my eyebrows. My friends all commented that I was looking really good but nobody considered that it was down to botox – I’ll be keeping that little secret to myself!

I’d have no hesitation in recommending the treatment to anyone, from first phoning NSC & booking a consultation to the final review with the doctor, the process was very thorough, professional & friendly. I’ll definitely be keeping up with the treatment so that I can maintain my lovely new look.

Thank you NSC