Cosmetic Treatment: Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Since reaching my late 30s, I’ve noticed how tired I was starting to look and was hoping that Botox was going to be the answer to that problem.

I researched into the clinics in my local area and asked friends for their recommendation. I decided on NSC Clinics as they have been running for a very long time, have a lot of experience and the treatments are carried out by properly trained doctors. Even though I was confident of the decision to have Botox, I was still nervous of what to expect. As soon as I walked into the clinic, I was put right at ease. The atmosphere and the reception staff were very friendly and welcoming. The doctor was lovely. After a long chat on what it was that we wanted to achieve I decided to go ahead with the procedure. I was talked through every step of what the doctor was doing, it was all very calm… relaxing even!


I’m totally over the moon with the results and I don’t look in the mirror with dread anymore. Everyone comments on how well I look and its not obvious that I’ve had any cosmetic work done I just look refreshed. I would happily recommend NSC clinics to everyone I know.