The area that has bothered me the most is my face. When I would do my make up I would see the hair coming through. I would beach it and pluck it and cut it but it would always come back thicker. I’ve also tried waxing and using hair removal cream and still… no improvement! I had hair all round the sides of my face, my top lip and my chin – it would really get me down.

One evening a week I would have my beauty night, this consisted of top to toe hair removal followed by a long bath and nail painting.

It got to the point when my confidence was so low and I’d had enough so I booked the appointment for my laser hair removal at NSC Clinics. I saw Lauren and I explained the issues that I have had and she assured me that it could be fixed, so I trusted her and shaved my face (as once you start your LHR course, you can only shave). It was the strangest feeling!

The laser itself felt warm and a little tingly but it didn’t hurt at all. After about a week I would see the hair growing back but as I rubbed the skin, the hair fell out. Where the hair had been killed at the root, the hair grows through and falls out. After about 4 weeks, you see the next lot of hair come through ready for lasering and each time the hair gets thicker and less of it.

I have now completed my course of 6 laser hair removal sessions and the results are amazing! It is not so much the case of wow look at this, but more like wow – I can’t notice the hair.  Before when I looked at my face it would be the first thing I see, and then the only thing I could see in the mirror looking back at me was my moustache – but now all of that unwanted hair is gone!

I am so pleased with the results. My confidence has soared and it is incredible that I now look at my face which is hair free.  I now want the rest of my body doing. I would like to be like a dolphin!