Since I was a teenager I hated my nose. I would never want a side on picture and if any came up on Facebook I would be detagging with emergency. I truly believe your nose gives balance to your face as it is the central point but with my nose it seemed to go in at the top of the nose which made it look bigger than it was. Whenever I used to tell anyone about my nose they didn’t understand as they just thought I had a ‘normal nose’ but I couldn’t have been more self-conscious. With more and more celebrities getting nose jobs I booked an appointment with a rhinoplasty surgeon to find out more information about the procedure. As amazing as the results were I did not have the time to have 2-4 weeks out of work and normal day-to-day life so right now this along with the price was not something I could go ahead with.

Then I saw Holly from Geordie Shore had had a non-surgical nose job on the MailOnline. Even though I didn’t think she needed it I then found out that this procedure was available. I started to research and find out about the procedure. It would take about 15 minutes, no downtime and was around £500 as oppose to £5000. I then started to research into the best practitioners who do the non-surgical nose job as after all my research it highlighted the importance of going to someone who knew the nasal structure extremely well. There was a few top nose surgeons who came up in my research but none in my area until I found the National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinics did it. Not only had they been running for over 33 years, they also had 27 clinics nationwide. When I rang up for my free consultation I was told I would be seen by Dr Olah who used to be a plastic surgeon – this made me feel so much more relaxed.

When I came in for my free consultation I could not get over how friendly and welcoming the clinic reception staff were. They were so helpful and put me at ease. When I spoke to Dr Olah she was amazing! She looked at my whole face and then my nose and then worked out what I would need. She said having filler put in the top of my nose where I had the dip would make a huge difference. She also explained to me that the product being used was Juvederm which from my research seems to be the best on the market. The filler product is made out of hyaluronic acid which is natural in your body plus lidocaine which is the anaesthetic so I should not feel any pain.

When I returned for my appointment I was anxious to see what my nose would look like and whether I would feel any pain. The clinic staff made me a lovely cup of tea and then I put numbing cream all over my nose. Thirty minutes later I went in to the treatment room with Dr Olah and could not feel my nose by this point. The treatment was AMAZING. I couldn’t even feel the injections go in and actually went to move as I thought it was over but the needle was still inside me! It took about 5 minutes to perform the procedure and the results were INCREDIBLE! I had no dip in my nose anymore – I actually had a straight nose which looked like a bone had formed in the top of my nose – my dream nose! Dr Olah injected a tiny bit in the bottom of my nose to lift the tip as this was another area I hated as my nose ‘hung over’ a bit. Oh my goodness after the treatment there was no hanging of the tip of my nose – it looked so cute.

My nose was red for the first few hours and it felt so tender to touch for 24 hours so I chose to just leave it until it had all settled down. Honestly I could not recommend this treatment, NSC Clinics and Dr Olah more highly – LIFE CHANGING. Thank you NSC Clinics and Dr Olah for changing my life and installing a new found confidence in me – I will be back in a year for my top up (as the product will last around a year so you need to come back to keep it topped up).