Cosmetic Treatment: Anti-Wrinkle Treatments and Dermal Fillers

This all came about from my son’s wedding; it was the most fantastic day. I got my hair done professionally and make up. Knowing I would see all of my sons friends and his new wife’s family. So much planning had gone into one day. When the photos came out there was one that stood out for me, I looked so happy and I had my daughter stood with me. I didn’t recognised myself, in my mind that didn’t look like me, is this how others saw me?

I do not normally worry about how others view me or what I look like. I believe that a smile is the best make up that you can wear but I know theses photo will be kept and looked upon for many years to come. My younger son is getting this year and I didn’t want to feel the same when the photos came out. I didn’t want people to know that I had had something done. Then we could just blame the photographer and say it was bad lighting in the first wedding.

My skin was very wrinkled because I’ve spent most of my life outside in the sun and wind while sailing. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. It has given me a boost to my confidence. I just wanted to look younger and I do! I think the results are better than I expected.

I would describe the feeling as slightly uncomfortable. I could feel some of the needles, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Dr Lane has a very steady hand and I think that helped. I expected it to hurt more and achieve less. Everything about the results, exceeded my expectations.

Dr Lane had just the right attitude between friendly and professional. She explained everything very well and reassured me every step of the way. Everyone was lovely. The receptionist had the right level of conversation to help ease any worries that I had. There was some paperwork and forms required, but it depended on the variation of products that were used. Aftercare was simple. The treatment was quicker than expected.

The effect has changed everything. I like looking in the mirror now. Most people commented saying I look well. I didn’t tell anyone I was having any treatment done.

I have had filler before and this left a lump in my top lip for over 5 years. The last place I went to nearly put me off for good. I would go back to the NSC clinic at every opportunity. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. These are the only people I trust. I am very happy and I’m very fussy!

I have already recommended to friends and family, I am more confident and my attitude towards life has changed a little along with it because I feel younger.