I used to shave my legs and armpits everyday so when I heard about laser hair removal I was very intrigued and wanted to find out more.

I heard that it wasn’t painful and it was such a life changer – my friend has had it done everywhere and she said she couldn’t recommend a treatment more than laser hair removal as it makes your life so much easier. I decided to get it done on my armpits as armpit hair is never needed in my opinion.

The clinicians at National Slimming & Cosmetic Clinics are so friendly, whether you’re getting your legs, armpits, face or bikini, they don’t bat an eyelid. They’ve seen everything so you don’t have to be embarrassed.

When you get into the laser room, they go through a few documents with you, then you lie on the bed and they put a cold gel onto the area that you are getting lasered which is pretty cold but it’s not too uncomfortable. After this, it’s laser time; depending on how strong the hair is or your type of skin depends on the strength of the laser machine needed. It doesn’t really hurt; it’s actually quite a relaxing treatment. You just put your glasses on for the laser, lie there and have a chat with your laser clinician.

The results are absolutely incredible. I no longer have to shave my armpits! It just makes showers easier and you don’t have to panic if you go away and forget your razor. Sometimes, after you’ve shaved and you still got those little annoying hair stumps… well as the hair is lasered from the root – the hair actually falls out so they are non existent.

The best bit is in Summer, when you’re wearing little strappy tops as you don’t have to stop and think whether you need an emergency shave before hitting the beach. Or when you’re on the dance floor hitting those crazy moves, you don’t have to worry about lifting your arms up as you’ll be care free being hair free.

For women everywhere, unwanted bodily hair can be such an inconvenience and rather than spending days shaving, waxing, creaming or threading – just get it lasered off. Think how much your future you will thank you!

Armpits done, now onto the legs….