I know the larger lip look is extremely popular in the younger generation at the moment, but for me it was from about 12 years old that my plumped lip look obsession started. This is probably because I have always had quite petite lips. Over the years, I have tried making my lips look bigger with lip liner – going just outside my natural lip line to make them seem larger but it looked like a little kid had tried to do my makeup – I looked like a clown! I then moved on to plumping lip glosses, but again these didn’t do that much especially because my lips are so small anyway.

It came to a point when I realised that the only way that I was going to get my lips any bigger was to take the plunge and get dermal fillers. I come from a family where no one has ever got anything ‘done’. The furthest extent that we would go to enhance our appearance was hair colour so it seemed a drastic move to go for lip fillers and quite a scary one but little did I know that it wasn’t as drastic as it seemed. I did a lot of research (because I am quite a hypochondriac) and found out that the substance in the filler that is injected into your lips is found naturally in your body anyway so this really put my mind at ease – I wasn’t getting a totally foreign substance injected into my face!

I had been pondering over the idea for over a year but it came to the point when so many people were getting their lips filled that I realised it really wasn’t a big deal. I looked online and read a bloggers review of it and saw that it was about as serious as getting your eyebrows threaded (and less painful) so I went for it.

I booked in the appointment and was super nervous but when I went into the clinic all of the staff were so lovely! The ladies on reception really chilled me out and for half an hour before the appointment I was applying the numbing cream that the clinic gave me. I put it on all around my lips for maximum coverage.

When it was my turn to enter the doctors room, Dr Olah talked me through what she would do and where. She advised me that my cupids bow could do with some enhancement as this is a really feminine feature and I didn’t have a very defined one, so together, we decided that she would put filler in there and then plump up the rest of my lips.

As this was something totally new for me, I bought my friend with me to hold me hand but actually, because of the numbing cream I really couldn’t feel that much. I didn’t feel the needle go in, I just felt a slight sensation as it got lower but nothing too overwhelming!

I LOVE my new lips and I am so glad I went for it. After getting it done, I realised how much of a little deal it actually is – the dentist was a hundred times worse!! The results are so worth the 15 minutes that you are in the doctor’s room for. I really think that getting enhanced lips makes such a difference to my face overall and in my eyes, large lips are a really attractive feature so I feel so much more confident now. I’m also a BIG lipstick girl – I have so many shades and each time I go out I like wearing a different colour. Now my lips stand out so much more and make wearing all of my different shades so worth it.

Getting my lips filled was a quick lunchtime treatment, and unlike the dentist, I could talk, eat and drink afterwards. If you are pondering over the idea like me – don’t wait a year to do it just go and get it done at National Slimming & Cosmetic Clinics. They are so welcoming and friendly but very professional at the same time and as they have been going for 33 years and all of their injectors are doctors or nurses you can really put your trust into them to perform.

Thank you for my new lips NSC Clinics 🙂