Cosmetic Treatment: Lip Fillers

Approaching 50 I’ve noticed that lines suddenly appear overnight, things go south, and my thin top lip has become even thinner!  There’s certain things I can’t do anything about, but I decided that I wanted lots of volume in my lips and also to have my cupid’s bow defined, without the end result looking like I’d been inflated with a bicycle pump….

I have had previous lip treatments but they were quite subtle and I wanted a more plumped up look this time.  I am super happy with the result of my lip filler – I always had a thin top lip and this knocked my confidence – I couldn’t really apply lipstick and I was self-conscious about it, but not any more.  The treatment wasn’t painful as I had smothered my lips and surrounding area with lots of numbing cream and the product had anaesthetic in it as well.  You can feel a slight stinging and dragging sensation from the needle, but it’s really minimal and well worth it for the end result.  I would be happy to recommend Dr Lane to anyone – she asked exactly what I wanted and explained in detail how she was going to achieve that.  We filled out some forms and half an hour later I had the lips I’d always wanted.  Dr Lane was very professional and caring and in fact, I was so delighted with her and with the treatment that I went back and had the lines around the corners of my mouth done as well – to anyone thinking of having this treatment, you won’t be disappointed.  My friend has already booked into NSC as a result of seeing my lips and I would recommend anyone to go there for a treatment.