Cosmetic Treatment: 8 Point Facelift

My name is Lynne and I am a 58 year old Grandmother with 2 daughters.

I do a lot of modeling around Dorset for Wedding shows and cruise wear. I have always had great cheek bones which run in the family so have never really worried about ageing until I recently noticed that with my age my skin was starting to wrinkle. I have also always wanted my lips done as my top lip does not have much definition so it is something that has always been on my mind. I also had lots of vertical lines around my mouth which I was very conscious of.  This is the reason why I decided to come to NSC Clinics to have some cosmetic treatments done.

Before the treatment I was extremely nervous as I have never had any type of cosmetic treatment before but the staff at NSC Clinics were very friendly and put my mind at rest – my nerves soon disappeared.

I had a consultation with the cosmetic doctor who asked what my problem areas were and what I wanted to achieve from the cosmetic treatments. From this Dr Masser put together a treatment plan for me which entailed Botox to tackle the winkles on my forehead and around my eyes and fillers to deal with the lower area of my face (mouth).

The doctor started with the Botox treatment and it was not at all painful.  Then Dr Massa moved on to my lips and used Juvederm filler to fill these. I found this ok…but it did sting a bit but plenty of numbing cream helped.  Next Dr Masser used filler around my mouth and cheeks to lift my face and freshen my skin.

I am so happy with the results of my treatments and it has helped improve my confidence. All of the vertical lines around my mouth are completely gone!  I am so happy! I would definitely have the treatments again to keep me looking fresh and I would recommend NSC Clinics for cosmetic treatments to all my friends and family as the results are just incredible.