I have always been conscious that I look miserable when I just have my “normal” relaxed face. I often look round at others and notice that they don’t look as miserable as I do! I don’t feel miserable, my mouth just naturally downturns at the edges.

I am totally amazed at the result of having my lips done at NSC. I now have plump lips, that look natural with upturned edges! This makes such a difference to my day to day life; people now say hello to me and they are smiling at me! The results of this treatment are incredible, I cannot believe what a change it has made.

I was told that this treatment was painful, however for me, I didn’t think it was too bad. It took about 30 minutes with the doctor, she was very gentle and with a few deep breaths, the pain wasn’t really noticeable.

The clinic and the doctor were both amazing, I felt that they really cared and the doctor made sure that my lips would look natural and suit my face.

I would recommend everyone to come to NSC to have this treatment! It is life changing. I have been told that it should last around 9 months, so well worth the money!

Thank you NSC for my beautiful smile!