The clinic did a fantastic job and Dr Lane has created exactly the look I had in mind. My face is much more in proportion, but she’s added volume in a way that stays true to my natural face shape so I still look like myself. The result is noticeable enough that I don’t have to worry about how my chin looks in photos, but natural enough that nobody has commented on my ‘new face’, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

This is the first cosmetic treatment I’ve had, and both Dr Lane and the reception staff did a wonderful job of putting me at ease – they are the friendliest, most caring bunch! I was very well-informed throughout the process, and after my consultation I went in with a good understanding of exactly what would happen and how it would feel.

The treatment was done in two parts – I had 1ml of filler and a small amount of Botox in my chin in the first session, which was done using a syringe. The treatment was much more comfortable than I was expecting, especially the filler which I couldn’t feel at all thanks to the numbing cream applied beforehand. I then had a two week gap between treatments while the Botox took effect, to make sure that the rest of the filler was going into the correct place after my chin muscles relaxed.

The second treatment was done using a cannula, to allow for an even application of a further 1ml filler along the fold of my chin. This felt very strange, but once it was in place the rest of the treatment was just as painless as the first. Dr Lane was very kind and attentive, and when she realised I was experiencing a little discomfort she did a wonderful job of chattering to me as a distraction – which was really appreciated!

The result after the second treatment was immediately noticeable, and the additional filler in the fold of my chin really pulled the look together. It’s incredible to think that such a dramatic difference is possible from such a quick and easy treatment – in total I spent two 30-minute treatment sessions and one 15-minute consultation at the clinic. The aftercare instructions were very simple and didn’t interfere with my routine at all.