I was going to a special 60th birthday in June and really wanted to look nice. A friend recommended NSC Clinics as they do Botox and lip filler treatments as well as slimming; I’d never had any treatments like Botox done before but I thought that I’d give it a go!

I was really nervous but the doctor was fabulous, she really put me at ease. It’s so great to see the difference – I cannot believe how confident this has made me feel.

The results were amazing! The staff are really nice and the doctor puts you at ease right from the start. I would highly recommend this to family and friends and will most certainly look to having it done again in the future.

I am thrilled to say that I am so happy with NSC Clinics in Bournemouth. The Botox has smoothed away the lines around my eyes and forehead and I just feel so much more confident! I have also always wanted fuller lips since I was a little girl. Most of my friends looked fabulous and I remember thinking, I wish there was magic so I could change them.