I was beginning to think, as I was nearing 30, that the time had come to start anti-ageing treatments! For me, it’s about trying to prevent ageing before it becomes really noticeable – plus, I’d heard that it can help with migraines too, which I have always suffered with. I had also started to notice that the lines on my forehead were getting more and more pronounced.

I was nervous as I’d never had the treatment before, but Dr Masser put me at ease, and we had a thorough consultation, so I felt completely confident.

It wasn’t really painful, when the needle went in there was a slight stinging sensation but that’s all really.

I am very happy with the results, the difference is subtle but in a great way – my eyes are wider and the problem wrinkles on my forehead have disappeared. I’ve noticed people looking at me almost thinking they can see something has changed but they can’t put their finger on what! Plus, the best bit… no migraines so far!

I feel more confident in people looking at me straight in the face now and I just feel happier in general! I love how such a subtle change has made the biggest difference to me.

I would definitely have this treatment done again as I want to upkeep this look, I wouldn’t want to go back to how I looked previously. I would recommend this to all of my friends – it’s quick, easy, painless and in my eyes the increase in self-esteem is more than worth it.