For my birthday last year my partner spent £350 on an IPL hair removal laser and it helped a little I guess but there were no dramatic results. It just meant I only had to shave slightly less than normal. This was really disappointing, so I decided to give Laser Hair Removal a go at NSC Clinics as they use the Soprano Laser Machine.

I had my bikini line lasered and absolutely love it – it looked so ladylike and tidy. Before I started  my laser hair removal treatment, when I would shave the area it would look great that day and then I would get a shaving rash and soreness around the area.

Having it lasered made the hair very soft so when I did get a little regrowth between treatments, it was very slight and no shaving rash. After the treatment, the hair would grow through then fall out – it was so satisfying to watch.

I am now hair free around my bikini area and I could not be happier. I would recommend this treatment to anyone! In fact I have already spoken to so many people about it. It is so nice to be able to go swimming or sun bathing and not have to think about whether I have time for a shower beforehand to tidy everything up.