How does it work?

During the procedure a cool gel is applied to the
treatment area. The hand-held laser is then placed
against the skin and pulses of intense light (laser
energy) target and heat the hair follicles. Gradual heating provides hair removal and skin tightening. During the treatment, hair follicles are destroyed which prevents further growth. A course of 6-8 treatments is normally required for optimum results, so that the maximum number of hair follicles are destroyed (each laser treatment will target those hairs in the active growth phase).

What areas can be treated?

• Upper lip, chin, beard, jawline (15-30 minutes)
• Underarms and arms (30 minutes)
• Legs (1/2 leg: 90 minutes, full leg: 120 minutes)
• Bikini line (standard: 30 minutes, full extended bikini: 45-60 minutes)
• Back and shoulders
• Chest and abdomen
• Nose, ears and neck

What skin types does the Soprano XL work on?

Unlike some inferior laser systems, the Soprano XL is suitable for removing hair from all skin types and all body areas. It is also suitable for Asian and black skins.

Cosmetic Testimonial

Mrs Nicholls

"I have always hated shaving and considered it a real drag when it came to the Summer. I decided to try the Soprano hair removal at NSCC and I am so pleased I did, it’s the best treatment ever and I would recommend it to anyone. I am so pleased with the results as I am now hair free under my arms, my legs and my bikini! Roll on summer… "

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Cosmetic Testimonial


"I was having to shave under my arms every other day as I have dark hair. I decided to try Laser Hair Removal and I cannot believe the difference. After 3 sessions my hair was so fine and hardly anything was growing back. Now after having 6 sessions I have no hair under my arms at all! Miracle treatment! I could not be happier. "

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