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Will it hurt?

Most people experience no pain with a microdermabrasion. Some people feel a slight pulling on their skin during the treatment.

What can a microdermabrasion treat?

•Fine lines and wrinkles
•Sun damaged skin
•Acne prone skin
•Superficial age spots
•Oily, dry or patchy skin

How long does the treatment take?

The microdermabrasion treatment usually takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the skin condition, the area to be treated and the desired outcome.

Cosmetic Testimonial


"I discovered a great little treatment to freshen and clean your skin. Microdermabrasion was recommended to me by a friend who had the loveliest skin I had ever seen, I now have it done when I feel my skin looks dull. It leaves my skin fresh, clear and really smooth. "

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Cosmetic Testimonial

Mrs Looner

"The medical microdermabrasion at NSCC is wonderful! My skin feels and looks amazing after each session. It has also helped even out my skin tone and smoothed away some fine lines. All my friends comment on my lovely skin. "

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Cosmetic Testimonial

Laura Sheen

"My face was rejuvenated and refreshed with this treatment that removed the dead cells from my skin. "

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Cosmetic Testimonial


"What a relaxing mini hoover that restored my youthful appearance."

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