SlimSlim, the 100% Natural Slimming Aid

SlimSlim tablets help you to maintain your dieting and help you to lose weight.*

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SlimSlim Tablets

SlimSlim tablets are a 100% natural slimming aid which help to support you in achieving a reduced calorie diet. SlimSlim tablets should be used together with a healthy eating plan and increased physical activity to achieve maximum weight loss results.
Specialising in slimming and weight management since 1984, we offer this exclusive product for those who want to manage, control and lose weight. SlimSlim tablets are 100% natural, diet tablets and have no side effects.

The Ingredients

Our SlimSlim tablets contain only 2 ingredients combined in the most effective way to support you in your diet; Hoodia Gordonii and Oputia Monacantha. Hoodia helps to suppress appetite and reduce hunger whilst Oputia helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and reduce cravings. It's as simple as that! We believe our SlimSlim tablets are the most effective natural slimming aids available.*

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How many capsules are in each pot?

Each pot contains 45 capsules.

How many times a day should I take SlimSlim?

The suggested intake is 2 capsules 20-30 minutes before food with a glass of water for the first two weeks, then to reduce the dose to one capsule three times a day.

Top tip...

Some of our test volunteers found that SlimSlim worked better for them if they took it between meals to prevent them snacking. This can be an equally effective method.

Is SlimSlim suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, SlimSlim is suitable for vegetarians.

Where can I purchase SlimSlim from?

SlimSlim can be purchased from any of our clinics or from our online shop.


Hayley Wastell from Basildon

"In 13 weeks, I’ve lost 4 stone and found it great – I have more energy, I’m happier now and everyone’s asking how and where I’ve done it. For the first time in my daughters life, I’ve got up and done the party dances and gone on rides and go carts with her which I’ve never been able to do before. It is still coming off and I’m finding it great. The help and support from the clinic is amazing and I feel so much better within myself.*"


Kelly Patterson from Swansea

"Since being referred, I have lost 2 stone and I couldn’t be happier. Starting from a size 20 and getting down to a small size 14, I have far more confidence and my energy levels are much higher. *



Liz Kerslake from Plymouth

"Throughout my weight loss journey the support from my local National Slimming & Cosmetic Clinic in Plymouth has been amazing, the doctors are all very supportive and understanding and Karina and Lauren have always made me feel very welcome and also have been very supportive. Two years on and now married the weight has stayed off and my clinic still support me through the maintenance of my weight loss and continue to make me feel part of a very big and successful family. I have gone from a size 18 to a size 8 with NSCC and could not be happier.*"


Sarah Gillard from Bournemouth

"I can safely say that NSCC has changed my life. I have so much more confidence and now enjoy going shopping. I have a lot more energy with the children and we regularly excercise together. The chidren have noticed the change in me and my daughter has told me im her new slim mummy! If anyone is in two minds about going to NSCC then I would say go for it, it will make the world of difference. *"

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