Slimmer of the Month

Each month we host a national competition to find our UK Slimmer of the Month. The slimmer who has lost the most weight from each clinic in one month will be put forward to the 'Slimmer of the Month' competition.

The winner will receive a £10 NSC Clinics voucher.

The results have been phenomenal and we could not be prouder of our slimmers all across the UK with their slimming success.

See the winners

September 2017 Slimmer Of The Month Results:

Penny Page-Stickland from Southampton who has lost 15 lbs in one month*

Well done to Penny for winning the NSC Clinics UK Slimmer of the Month for September 2017 and for her incredible weight loss.

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances.

Clinic Winners Include:

  • September 2017 Penny Page-Stickland 15 pounds
  • August 2017 Stephen Gatenby 20.5 pounds
  • June 2017 Dina Gulbe 29 pounds
  • May 2017 Tammy Callon 18 pounds
  • April 2017 Clare Easton 19 pounds
  • March 2017 Helen Simmons 16 pounds
  • February 2017 Michelle Harrop 33 pounds
  • January 2017 Tayrn Boyes 17.25 pounds

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