After giving birth to twin boys, I noticed I had slowly started to gain more weight. I became unhappy with the way I looked and felt that my asthma was getting worse. I’ve tried several weight loss methods before and found none to be successful. Carbohydrates and sugary products have always been my downfall, so when my sister recommended NSC Clinics, I thought why not!

Since starting at NSC Clinics, the staff have been really supportive and I have found losing weight very easy. I can now exercise more easily and do not get as tired as I did before. I think that slimming is much more achievable now as I try to avoid sugary things where possible. My way of thinking about food has changed and therefore so has my body and in particular, my stomach.

How do you deal with boredom in your dieting program?

I don’t really have the time to get bored anymore but if I do, I tend to go for a healthy snack instead of chocolate or junk food. I also find that drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps as well as drinking a whole glass of water before each meal.

What are your three best dieting tips you'd like to share?

I feel that the key to great weight loss is not to give up and try to be persistent and consistent, as it’s amazing that now I don’t eat after 6pm anymore and my stomach is so much flatter the following morning! I also recommend exercising everyday or at least trying your best to – I have to walk 2.2 miles each day so that’s good too, as well as the occasional swimming session.

What would you say to someone who wanted to lose a large amount of weight?

So, be persistent and don’t give up! It takes time and patience but it is really worth it and you’ll love the results!

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances.