When I was younger, I had always weighed 8 and a half stone as I am only 5ft 1”, but when I met my husband, that’s when the weight really started to creep on. I tried every diet you can think of and I would lose it all and then put it all back on, plus a bit more! Both my parents were diabetics and I was always worried that I would end up being the same. I was also finding that walking long distances were a struggle with the extra weight! My heaviest weight was 14st 3lbs and I currently weigh 10st 7lbs. This is all thanks to the people at NSC Clinics.

I knew that my biggest downfalls were crisps, cheese, chocolate and wine and often joked that if these things were things that helped you lose weight, I would be a stick! It wasn’t until I saw a photo of me at my stepson’s wedding in 2014 that I thought I must try doing something to get back into shape. I found a flyer for NSC Clinics in a magazine and thought ‘lets give them a ring, what have I got to lose…apart from my weight!’, so I phoned the clinic and I am so very pleased that I did.

I have found it really easy to lose weight with NSC Clinics and their staff are 100% behind you and always at the other end of the phone should you need them. Since losing the weight I have found that I now have much more energy, my skin is so much softer and walking is so much easier! I have also found it easy to maintain my weight by staying focused on my goals, my confidence has also grown now, as before I lost the weight I would only wear leggings with a baggy jumper or t-shirt, but now I wear figure hugging dresses or leggings with a figure hugging top.

With NSC Clinics, I never avoid any foods and if I want something, I will have it but then make sure I do an extra hour of exercise or cut back a little on my next meal. I also deal with boredom by planning my meals in advance.

What would you say to someone who wanted to lose a large amount of weight?

I would tell someone that wanted to lose a large amount of weight to plan, plan, plan and remain focused at all times. Think about what you are eating and remember that slow progress is still progress…don’t be disheartened!”

What are your three best dieting tips you'd like to share?

My three best dieting tips are to plan your meals, always carry a healthy snack and if you do have a bad day, it’s okay, don’t write off the rest of the week!

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances.