I put on weight after I had moved to Spain a few years ago. All those lovely tapas' proved too hard to resist! I struggled with weight on and off throughout my life because I have always loved food and it was also my comfort through difficult times. At first it was only a few kilos, something I would dismiss and say I would work on it at some point soon. Tomorrow or next week, but the day never came. Before I knew it, a few kilos became 30 kilos, and suddenly any weight loss attempts seemed daunting. It felt unattainable; I felt I didn’t know where to even begin as there was so much work to be done and I knew that very little results would be noticeable at the start. This depressed me and caused me to turn to food even more. Because of the excess weight, I had no energy or fitness, so any exercise would make me tired quickly. I could no longer pick clothes that I liked, but only clothes that came in my size and were usually not very flattering. I felt so down because of my physical state, I knew I had to do something but I felt powerless against the massive task I faced. I knew then that I needed help and that is when I contacted NSC Clinics.

The staff were extremely helpful and supportive, they explained every aspect of the treatment and I felt very at ease throughout the whole process. My experience of losing weight with NSC Clinics has been nothing but positive.
In the past when I tried to lose weight, I found it very difficult to restrict my food intake and change my eating habits. I would become very moody when hungry and would become resentful towards the people around me who were eating a pizza when I had to eat a salad. This was the way my mind worked at the time and that was the biggest obstacle to my success. The NSC weight loss programme essentially enabled me to rewire my brain. Its greatest benefit for me was that it removed the anxiety and compulsion I had previously associated with food, and without that constant internal struggle I was free to make healthy food choices and no longer feel like I was missing out. I found that I was no longer choosing food by its taste but by its nutritional value. I changed my diet completely and it was no longer a battle with myself. My diet now consists only of wholefoods, I cut out all processed foods and it wasn’t difficult, it came naturally once the way I had previously thought of food changed. After I lost the first 10 kilos, I joined the gym and started exercising. It was hard at first as I was fairly unfit; 10 minutes on the treadmill and I was out of breath. This was difficult for me as I had been very fit previously and I used to run 5k for a warm-up! But I got through it, step by step, gradually my fitness improved.

One of the highlights of my weight loss journey was throwing out all my big clothes and fitting back into my size 10 clothes that I have kept for years. Throughout my treatment, I was often anxious when I thought about maintaining my weight afterwards. I used to worry that my old ways of binge eating would come back. I used to call it ‘the food monster’, the feeling that took over when I felt like eating, it felt so powerful and unstoppable. Now that my treatment is over, I can positively say that is no longer the case. I have continued to lose weight after the treatment and now I am almost at my target weight. I have stuck to healthy eating habits for a time that was long enough to permanently reprogram my brain and the way it thinks about food, and I am now confident that I will continue on the path of healthy nutrition and physical fitness. I no longer see food as my enemy like I used to, I no longer see it as a comfort either. The most important factor that made it possible for me to succeed throughout this journey was realizing that this was not a diet, not a quick fix, but a permanent change of lifestyle. It was realizing that I eat to live, not live to eat.