I have always been known as a yo-yo dieter and have probably tried almost every diet there is – even crazy ones like just eating cabbage but that wasn’t pleasant for anyone within 5 feet of me!

Two years ago, I managed to lose 3 stone within 6 months through eating healthily and regular visits to the gym. Then I fell pregnant, at first I kept to eating healthily, but no longer went to the gym. I was then diagnosed with SPD (Symphisis Pelvic Dysfunction) which is basically a misalignment of the pelvis causing severe pain and discomfort. I could hardly walk, my consultant said I had to be on bed rest for the last 3 months of my pregnancy and use crutches if I needed to get around.

This was during the Summer, it was extremely hot and I became very comfortable with laying in bed and living on ice creams and chocolate bars because my bump was big I didn’t notice how much weight I was putting on!

When my daughter was born, I found myself either still wearing maternity clothes or big baggy t-shirts. The first time I went to buy clothes I found myself having to buy size 20-22 and they were tight on me. I had no confidence in myself and hated going out because I didn’t feel comfortable in anything I wore. I had totally lost my mojo. I realised I had to do something about this before I was going to get any bigger.

My partner had used NSCC before and recommended I gave it a go. I found the staff and doctors very friendly and totally non-judgemental, along with the tablets, they also gave me a lot of advice on diet and exercise. What really gave me willpower this time was the fact that I was seeing someone weekly and seeing the weight fall off so easily. And after just three months I have gone from a size 22 to a size 12, loosing 3 stone.

I couldn’t have done this without the help and support of the staff at the Portsmouth clinic. I still want to loose a few more pounds and I now have a very big reason to keep the weight off…..I’m getting married in July next year and have already bought my wedding dress in a size 10-12 so no way will the old me be making a reappearance.

Thank you NSC Portsmouth for bringing my mojo back. Oh and also, just some advice – walking past an ex having lost all the weight that you put on being with them is THE BEST feeling in the world.

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