I have attempted to lose weight all of my life, but life throws awful things at us and then you gain the weight back again. I have now lost 3 stone with NSCC and feel very well and most of all look better. My weakness was snacking on convenience foods but the tablets that National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinics have prescribed me considerably helped in reducing those sugary cravings. So overall I found losing weight with NSCC quite easy, which is fantastic!

I am so much happier now; I can buy nice clothes that fit me, I am a lot more active and I can enjoy walking the dogs now whereas before it was more of a struggle. I feel a lot healthier and don’t get breathless during day to day activities. The tablets have also helped my son lose 5 stone and I wish to thank the girls at NSCC in Cardiff for helping him. The support that they provided him throughout his weight loss was amazing. Before losing weight, I would have never even dreamt of doing this photo shoot, but it’s so lovely that myself, my daughter and my son have all lost the weight with NSCC and have therefore modelled together for the photoshoot today! Thank you NSCC!

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