Since having my 3 children I guess the weight started to creep on. Being content with a young family I didn’t feel the need to change anything and didn’t realise I had completely let myself go.

The cupboards were always full of goodies and I could never resist temptation. Food was always my downfall, all the foods I knew were not good for me I would eat, and I also had a massive addiction to full sugar coca-cola which again added to my weight gain.

At my heaviest weight I was over 16 stone although I would never tell anyone how much I weighed, I always went by clothes size. I felt tired all the time which made me feel miserable and low. I also suffered with back ache a lot of the time, it was one vicious circle.

I have tried every diet going and failed at most of them. I would tell myself “just give it up, just accept your going to be a big girl forever”. So I did. In 2011 I went on holiday for the first time with friends and for the first time ever I felt uncomfortable, fat, ugly and ashamed of how I had let myself go. On returning I had to face facts and have this battle out with my demons. I cried at every single holiday snap of me. I told myself I would never feel like this again. I felt like I was trapped in a fat suit, the zip was stuck and I just couldn’t get out of it.

So my weight loss journey began at me being a size 22. I tried to do it alone and ditched all the naughty foods and fizzy drinks. I would set myself targets and reward myself if I achieved them. I lost 3 stone by following a low calorie diet and upping my exercise. I then hit a plateau where I couldn’t shift anymore. I spoke to a friend who attended our local NSC clinic and that was it. I would never have been able to achieve what I have without NSCC. The support from the girls at the clinic is amazing. They are so supportive and encouraging and always give you a boost. I have to say the most important factor about all the weight loss and support is knowing that my 3 children are proud of me.

Within a few weeks of joining NSCC I noticed a massive difference in my energy levels. I wasn’t tired all the time and I felt motivated and determined. The benefits are endless. Where I lost the weight I started running and now take part in several extreme running events throughout the year. I also play netball on a regular basis which I always did but only now I can wear the nice little dresses everyone else does on the team and not joggers and a XL t-shirt. I find it quite easy to maintain as I’m focussed on what’s good for me. Like everyone I have the odd day where I struggle and crave all the foods I never before would have stopped myself from eating. Now I find it easier if I give myself a treat day. I try not to eat many carbs as they just bloat me and make me feel uncomfortable.

My diet tips would be drink plenty of water – water is key to any weight loss as it keeps you hydrated and makes you fell fuller for longer. Eat sensibly – try not to pick at food, have smaller portions and stop eating when you are full.

The advice I would give to anyone wanting to lose a lot of weight is “do it for yourself. Nothing tastes as good as feeling slimmer in the body you have worked hard for does

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