I have lost a total of 6 Stone in weight with help from National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinics. Before, I was so uncomfortable with myself and I tried all ways to lose weight but nothing worked. I then gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and found myself getting very tired and kept getting out of breath when she wanted to play. That was the nail on the head for me, I knew I had to lose weight and start being more healthy so I could be there for her and play without it being a struggle.

My cousin recommended me to NSCC, so I made an appointment and started their programme and within just 2 weeks I lost around 1 stone in weight. I couldn’t believe it, after a month I started to feel like myself again and play time with Mollie kept getting better and better.

I continued with their course and after 17 months I lost a total of 6 stone. I now feel absolutely amazing and my body looks fab. Most importantly I don’t feel unfit and out of breath any more. My life now is as active as ever and compared to before, I have so much more energy.

Losing weight has allowed me to be more active, and that in itself helps me keep the weight off. I started a couple of years ago and since then have not put on more than 2-3lbs, so I find it easy to maintain. I found that looking through old pictures of myself gave me more determination to keep going.

I would recommend NSCC and their weight loss plan to anyone – if I can do it anyone can. You just need to set yourself a goal – stick to it, live it and love it. Thank you NSCC.

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