Before joining NSCC, my weight had always got me down. I used to only weigh 8 stone so it wasn’t until after having my first baby that I put on five stone. I managed to lose this but after having my second child I put on 3 stone so I’m now on my second weight loss journey and I am more determined than ever.

After my first weigh in with NSCC, I had lost almost 9 pounds which made me so motivated to carry on losing weight. I now eat smaller portions and make meal times healthy and fun with my children. I also now do short workouts too. At first, there were days that I found it hard so I allowed myself one treat a week.

Without NSCC I would not be where I am today; they are always so friendly and have given me such bursts of confidence through praising my achievements each week.

My downfalls used to be my portion sizes and potatoes; I would always snack and eat if I was bored – especially on my days off work.

Now I am maintaining my weight loss through changing my lifestyle which has now become a normal way of living and I could not be happier with the team at NSCC.

What was your starting weight and what are you now?

I started at 13 stone 4lbs and I now weigh 9 stone 8 lbs.

What are your top dieting tips that you’d like to share?

My top tips for anyone wanting to lose weight are:
1. Drink lots of water.
2. Cut down your portion sizes.
3. Eat little and often.
4. Always allow one treat day.

What would you say to someone who wanted to lose a large amount of weight?

When I speak to friends of mine who want to lose weight I always send them to my local NSCC. It changed my life and I swear by this team.

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