Hayley who has lost weight at our clinic in Basildon, is only half way through her slimming journey and check out her incredible results already…

I’ve suffered with my weight for the last 10 years. Since my daughter was born I have tried everything – diets, gym, personal training – nothing was working and I was still 18 stone. Then after losing 2 more pregnancies I had to try something new so I found NSCC – it’s the only thing that’s ever worked!

I didn’t want to leave the house but when I did I thought everyone was laughing at me – I was worried that my daughter would get bullied for having a fat Mum. I couldn’t fit in chairs or in planes; I found it hard and would go into a panic attack. I couldn’t get the strap round on a ride in Disney Land and I ended up getting off the ride sobbing. My partner and I have been trying to have a baby for 6 years and I’ve lost two babies, which I blame on my weight. I couldn’t bathe with lights on or look in the mirror….ever.

I had tried everything! Diets, gym….everything and I couldn’t get any of the weight off.
I got pre-eclampsia whilst pregnant as I got so big and after my daughter was born the weight just didn’t go and I tried everything so thought I would give NSCC a go before I looked into a Gastric Band and I’m so please I have given NSCC a try.
In 13 weeks, I’ve lost 4 stone and found it great – I have more energy, I’m happier now and everyone’s asking how and where I’ve done it.
For the first time in my daughters life, I’ve got up and done the party dances and gone on rides and go carts with her which I’ve never been able to do before.
It is still coming off and I’m finding it great. The help and support from the clinic is amazing and I feel so much better within myself.

What was your starting weight and what are you now?

Start: 17 stone 11 pounds Now: 12 stone 11 pounds.

How do you deal with boredom in your dieting program?

As soon as I get bored, I pick up a skipping rope and skip or walk the dog.

What are your three best dieting tips you’d like to share?

Stop eating junk food, drink lots of water, eat smaller meals.

Are there any foods that you completely avoid and never eat?

Bread, pasta, sweets and chocolate.

What would you say to someone who wanted to lose a large amount of weight?


Please could you talk more about how losing weight with NSCC has encouraged you to skip and talk about your skipping?

I started skipping and I have more energy. People have noticed about my weight and I’ve told them all about NSCC and the skipping!

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