When I was younger I always had an issue with my weight, I was always using food as a method of coping. I was seven when my Granddad died and that’s when I first discovered comfort eating. I would eat practically anything and before I’d finished what it was I was eating, I’d already be plotting how to find and eat more.

My Mum died when I was 18 after battling cancer for almost ten years. I’d already discovered comfort in food, and this only got worse after the event. My Dad and I both fell victim to supporting each other with food, we’d treat each other to cookies or ice cream after I’d finished work. We both knew it was bad for us but it became almost a form of therapy. I wasn’t oblivious to the weight I was gaining but in the scheme of things it didn’t seem important. I wasn’t seeing any reason to change I was in a spiral of self-destruction, some people choose drugs or alcohol I chose an excess of food.

With prompting from my Dad I tried hypnotism, anti-depressants, and nothing resolved my issues. I just kept on eating. When I was 23 a friend of mine discovered NSCC. My Dad and I took a road trip through northern Europe and when we got back I looked at the photos. I was shocked at what I’d done to myself! Two weeks later on the 1st of May I took the first step in changing my life.

All the staff at the clinic were so friendly and helpful, I was surprised at how supportive and really understanding the doctor was, not at all like previous doctors I had seen who had treated me as if I was some self-inflicted pariah. She tried to understand why I was here and what it was that was my driving force of my problem. She provided me with all the help I needed to lose weight. The medication is great but it’s only half of the battle won. The support and knowledge of the clinic staff and doctor are the force that keep you on the straight and narrow.

Week after week I watched the weight come off.

The medication worked like blinkers on a horse, it gave me a power I hadn’t experienced in a long time, the power to walk past food and not be tempted. I could walk through a supermarket, past the bakery and not be drawn like a moth to the cakes. This small power gave me the driving force to take back control; I could now see a point in trying, and the advice that the doctor gave me helped me choose the right foods and take the right exercise.

I had found control! My confidence grew. I discovered myself and I discovered love and the catalyst for this was NSCC. NSCC gave me the power to take back control of my life. Thank You!

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