Since a young child my weight has always been an issue; at 12 years old, I was overweight so I was referred to see a dietician to help me lose weight (I was 13 stone at 13)! Going on through to high school and managing to lose excess weight (through healthy eating and portion control), I finally felt good and enjoyed food without having to worry on intake! Throughout my late teens and 20’s I never had any issue with my weight, albeit a few extra pounds from a weekend of over indulgence or slap up meal.

At 28 I fell pregnant with my daughter, I always said that I would educate my daughter with a healthy balanced diet right from the moment she was in my womb, so she would never have to endure any weight issues or a negative relationship with food later in life. After the birth of my daughter, my own weight slowly ballooned up 5 stone, being uncomfortable, bloated and still feeling (and looking) pregnant I was starting to become depressed. Having tried every fad diet under the sun, meal replacement potions and quick fix diet shakes I was extremely disheartened, frustrated and my bank balance certainly affected with no sustainable results.

As a final option just after New Year and my 29th birthday, I vowed to give NSC Clinics a go and I’ve never looked back.

I started in January 2014 with the clinic at 15 stone and a size 18/20, I’m now 9 stone 7 and a size 8/10 and have never felt better! I was given a great amount of support from the staff at the Glasgow clinic and I always looked forward to my appointments; it’s just like one big family of encouragement along the way and seeing other people in their journey and the transformations is phenomenal.

I have had every faith and confidence in NSCC to recommend family and friends to the clinic. Since losing the weight and during my time with the clinic I have started running to assist with weight loss. So much so, I have run 9 marathons, and am racing a 50 mile ultra marathon in a few weeks time! I have also modelled for an international sports company.

I would say to anyone looking to lose large amounts of weight, to stay focused, stick with a plan and remember why you started.

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