After having Pre-eclampsia in pregnancies and had been given steroids, I steadily got bigger and bigger and yo-yo dieted for years. I’d lose 2 stone counting points and think ‘Hey I’d be ok, I can go it alone’. The weight soon crept back on. So the next fad diet would start.

A friend asked us as a family to go to Goa, India with them for Christmas 2008/09 and we agreed. Louisa had been a larger lady herself and had lost loads of weight and looked fab. I had seen her confidence grow the more she had lost weight. I wanted to be like her and look like her!

On returning back and looking at the photos, I looked like a balloon, all round – round face, round belly, it was shocking! I even felt sorry for the elephant we rode on. But once again another fad diet failed. I was me, no-one else said I was fat and friends used to say “You are not Lisa if you’re skinny!” “You always dress beautifully for your size!”

Where was in the inspiration in that to diet?

I was outgrowing my clothes faster and faster! I’d gone from being a size 18 to pushing out of a size 22 in just over a year. I felt I could not find anything to wear and just ordered my clothes through a well know fashion catalogue for larger ladies, where I could try them on and send them back if they didn’t fit and nobody would know!

Another year past and the weight started creeping up again. My husband turned 40 and the photos shocked the life out of me again. I was that tub of lard!

We booked to go back to Goa, India again for Christmas and New Year 2009/10 and I was dreading the photos again. They didn’t fail me!

My husband and I started jogging, but my hips and knees hurt, they couldn’t take my weight!

In August 2010, we went to Cyprus to visit some old army friends who live there now and the holiday snaps were the straw that broke the camel’s back! I knew then that it wasn’t right, my stomach was round, and I looked as though I was 9 months pregnant. I was bursting out of my skin! If I looked down all I could see was my stomach. I struggled painting my toenails and putting on shoes with straps and buckles because I could not reach down over my stomach.

A friend of mine had started going to NSCC for help with her weight and suggested I give it a try too. I was mortified but knew I needed to do something; I was at risk of diabetes and heart disease. I didn’t want to die; I have two children and a wonderful husband.

I called NSCC and the rest they say is history!

Thank you so much for my little bit of magic in a bottle. Thank you for giving me the inspiration and the will and want to continue to lose the weight, to become healthier and give me the freedom to do anything I want without the weight restricting me.

I now go to Zumba classes twice a week and am now even on stage with the instructor! I love it, it makes me smile, even though I struggled at first. I now feel so fit and lean and the ladies there always comment about how much I have changed! I have made a lovely friend who has convinced me to buy a bike and we now go out cycling and can ride 20 miles. I never thought I would be able to do this in a million years, and it just goes to show, will power and training your own mind to eat sensibly with a little help and exercise, can make the world of difference.

I also attend a bootcamp session once a week, which helps me tone up my body doing various exercises from fit balls to kettle bells, boxing and skipping.

I had the most amazing text the other morning whilst walking my dog, it was from a neighbour and it read:

‘Hi, just seen you walk past my house and I gotta tell you, you look fantastic Lisa, well done you! Go girl ! xxx’

It made my day!

Several of my friends have asked ‘How have you done it?’ I had to tell them my little secret. ‘With the National Slimming & Cosmetics Clinic in Bournemouth’.

We’ve booked to go back to Goa this Christmas and New Year; I am going to look million dollars! My children love the new me and more so, does my husband!

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