When I started with NSCC I was a size 24 and weighed 19 stone! I had a 9 week old baby and my husband had just left me. I was in a complete state. Eating helped me get through what was probably the worst time in my life and I just seemed to get bigger and bigger. I had no confidence and no self esteem.

One day I looked in the mirror and could not believe what I saw in the reflection. The thought of my son getting bullied for having a ‘fat’ mum was horrific. I also could not of ever got into a swimming costume let alone a bikini so the thought that my son would miss out on swimming because I had no confidence as I was at my heaviest ever was probably the turning point in my life. I didn’t want my son to miss out on activities because of my weight. I didn’t have health problems at the time but I knew that if I was to of carried on that weight then I could of ended up with diabetes or heart disease and with my husband leaving me I needed to be there for my son!

I joined NSCC and have never looked back. I lost an incredible 8 stone and am now a size 10 and the weight has stayed off! NSCC has changed my life and I could not have done it without their support. Even though I do not need the tablets anymore I still come back each week to get weighed to make sure I stay in shape. I could not be happier and more confident in my body and I could not be prouder of what I have achieved. Thankyou National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinics!

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