At just over 17 stone, I was drinking 6-8 cans of coke a day and had awful back pain due to the size of my bust. I couldn’t just go to any shop to get my bras, I had to order them in as they were very large, so I went to the Doctor to talk about a breast reduction and he told me that I had to lose weight first and then come back after if it was still a problem.

So I began trying to lose weight again (always a yoyo dieter)! I only managed to loose 1 stone 7lbs in 8 months and felt really down and ready to give in.

It was then that I bumped into a friend of mine who had lost weight since I last saw her and I couldn’t believe how great she looked. Naturally, I asked how she did it and that’s when she told me that she had been going to the National Slimming & Cosmetic clinic in Southampton. I then made an appointment myself and found the clinic warm and friendly. I’m usually such a shy person – but they made me feel totally at ease and I have never looked back!

Now a year and a half later, I am over 5 and a half stone lighter, much healthier, fitter and confident thanks to NSCC. The tablets dramatically reduced my sugar cravings and even my Dentist has said that my teeth are so much better now. Gone is the sweaty forehead and back pain that I used to have due to my bust which is now 7 cup sizes smaller – so I won’t be needing that breast reduction anymore! I run the 5k park run route and at last enjoy clothes shopping which once filled me with utter dread – I now think whether it will suit me rather than whether it will fit me. From over 17 stone I am now down to just under 10 stone. With thanks to NSCC I have got the old me back.

In what ways have the tablets helped you?

The tablets really helped reduce my sugar cravings. I now only take the tablets in situations when I know my cravings will be bad. I still get hungry – but I can now more easily determine whether it is hunger or just a craving.

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