I gained a lot of weight after the birth of my 2 children. It got to the stage where I dreaded buying new clothes as nothing looked right. A friend of mine suggested that I try NSCC as she had been very successful on NSCC’s weight loss programme so thought I would give it a go…

I made an appointment at the clinic and had my first appointment in December. I was greeted by two very welcoming receptionists who made me feel at ease. The initial appointment was half an hour where the doctor asked general questions about my health and then weighed me. The doctor explained the slimming programme in detail to make sure I was happy and then prescribed my weight loss medication. I can easily say this was the beginning of a new healthier life for me. My first weigh in was a week after my induction and I lost 7lb! The weight then continued to drop off and I still now continue with the programme. In total I have lost 3st 1lb. I have another 6lb to lose but I know this will be possible with the support from NSCC.

I can safely say that NSCC has changed my life. I have so much more confidence and now enjoy going shopping. I have a lot more energy with the children and we regularly excercise together. The chidren have noticed the change in me and my daughter has told me im her new slim mummy! If anyone is in two minds about going to NSCC then I would say go for it, it will make the world of difference. The staff are supportive and are very encouraging so you know you have all the help at hand. I was so impressed with NSCC as a company that I now work here too!

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