I guess my last resort was when I contacted NSCC via a recommendation to ‘try’ the appetite suppressant tablets having also altered my mind set and made ‘lifestyle choices’ regarding my diet and exercise. Immediately craving convenient food had disappeared, new levels of motivation were reached with self discipline; attending the gym three times per week revolving around my busy schedule were put in place.
The real help and additional motivation was the weekly weigh in’s at my local NSCC,
walking out each week having achieved some great weight reductions which has resulted where I am today, more than THREE stone lighter. Friends and family comment on how great I look, just like my old self, unrecognisable in some cases. Dropping from a 38” waist to now a 32”! Needless to say I have had to buy a whole new wardrobe but more importantly I am enjoying what I see as a new lease of life. I cannot believe the results I have achieved by the simple steps I have taken as described!”

When did you decide that you needed to lose weight?

I saw a picture of myself looking horrific; my face was looked really swollen and I just didn’t recognise myself. I was constantly sweating due to the excess weight resulting from eating convenient food compounded with the wrong times of day and didn’t realise what this was doing to me!

What benefits have you experienced since losing weight?

I have made a lifestyle choice, I have greater confidence in the gym, I have just completed my first ever 10K AND I have actually enrolled on my first ½ marathon too. I would not have had the confidence before to come here today to do this photo shoot and have my spray tan; standing in front of a stranger in just my underwear would have been way too intimidating. Friends and family just cannot believe the physical change, its unbelievable and life is just so much better.

Please tell us more about your experience with NSCC:

Karina, the clinic manager, has a great relationship with all of her clients, she knows everyone who walks into the clinic by their first name so it’s a very personable experience. The Doctors are great too, they don’t just dish out pills to anyone, they do checks all the time like your blood pressure, which gives me peace of mind. Some people find even just going into the clinic to be weighed drives them. The support that you get at NSCC is nothing like anywhere else, it’s amazing!

Are you finding it easy to maintain the weight loss?

I’ve only been losing for a couple of months and I’m really happy. Now I’m focusing on toning up and am in the gym even more then the norm! The tablets that NSCC prescribes really help control your appetite and for me, that is the key factor. Managing portion sizes simply by having a smaller plate and eating the right foods at the right time of day coupled with frequent exercise works for me. Friends say to me “you still on those weight loss pills” and my response is, “I have never been on weight loss pills, I have used an appetite suppressant to control needless hunger cravings”. That is fact and with a positive mind set and determination to make lifestyle choices anyone can achieve their goals, it’s never too late!

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