I started at NSCC in October 2014 after struggling with my weight for over 10 years. Before having my daughter, I lost a lot of weight but over the years my weight slowly crept back on and I never fully realised how big I had become before starting at NSCC – I was a size 28.

I very rarely went out and became ashamed of the way I looked and I always thought that wherever I went people would be staring at me. My confidence was at an all time low. I had tried every variation of diets over the years and would stick to them for a few weeks before falling back into old habits. My main downfalls before beginning at NSCC were carbs and fizzy pop – plus I always ate at the wrong times.

My fitness levels were non-existent and even walking my daughter to school was a challenge for me.

In October last year a friend mentioned to me about NSCC and after a low day I decided to take the plunge and haven’t looked back since. The staff and doctors at the Bradford clinic are amazing, they are non-judgemental, encouraging and welcoming – after my first appointment I always looked forward to going. I have found losing weight with NSCC easy to follow and never feel I have to deprive myself if I want something. It’s all about control and I’m in control of what I eat with NSCC.

The biggest change in me apart from the weight loss is my energy levels; I can now run around with my daughter and nothing is too much hard work. After losing 6 stone so far with NSCC, I know that I still have a way to go on my journey but I’m confident with the help and guidance off the NSCC staff my goal is not too far away. I would recommend them and what they have done for me to anybody far and wide.

What was your starting weight and what are you now?

My starting weight was 23 stone and 5lbs and my weight now is 17 stone and 3lbs.

How do you deal with boredom in your dieting program?

I deal with boredom by having a change, if I’m having too much of something I change it around a bit but I tend to stick to things I know I like.

What are your three best dieting tips you’d like to share?

Three best tips I want to share are:
1. Do it! Now not tomorrow.
2. If you’re having a off day, start again tomorrow don’t just give up.
3. If you’re craving something have it because when you tell yourself you can’t have it then you want it more and this makes diets more likely to fail.

Are there any foods that you completely avoid and never eat?

Foods I avoid are pasta, bread, rice and potatoes – I only have these as a treat.

What would you say to someone who wanted to lose a large amount of weight?

I would tell someone who wanted to lose weight that you can only do it if you want to. Don’t let anyone push you into it but when you are ready I would recommend NSCC any day. It will change your life!

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