How will chromium help me lose weight?

Chromium can aid weight loss by helping to manage your cravings and hunger pangs.

How much chromium should I take a day?

The suggested intake is 1 tablet per day, as taking excessive chromium supplements can lead to stomach problems and low blood sugar.

Is chromium suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, chromium is suitable for vegetarians.

Where can I purchase chromium supplments from?

You can purchase chromium supplements from any of our clinics.

Slimming Testimonial

Nina Trapp

When I have lost weight in the past, the weight has always crept back on - and more. I can honestly say that this was, by far, the best slimming experience I have ever had. I honestly don’t think I could have achieved what I have done without NSC Clinics and best of all I have kept the weight off!*

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Slimming Testimonial

Amy Beaumont

"NSC Clinics have been fab. The staff at the Middlesbrough branch I attend have given me so much encouragement and advice and I am so grateful to them for being there for me through my weight loss journey."

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Slimming Testimonial


I don’t call this a diet because it doesn’t feel like one. I enjoy what I eat but now have smaller portion sizes and have cut out the junk food. I occasionally have a takeaway but I still manage to stay on track. I wish I joined the clinic sooner because ever since joining I have become a lot healthier and happier.

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