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Lose 1lb of fat

In order to lose 1lb, you need to look at your calorie intake. A calorie is a measure of energy, so the amount of energy you exert in doing an activity is measured by the rate of calories you burn.

You have to burn 3500 calories to lose 1lb of weight, which generally means cutting 500 calories from your typical diet each day to lose 1lb a week.

This is why we recommend using a calorie counter regularly, to keep track of your intake. You can use NSC Clinics online calorie counter which will store all your information by signing up for a FREE NSC online account.

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Donna Clift from Basingstoke

"Within a few weeks of joining NSCC I noticed a massive difference in my energy levels. I wasn’t tired all the time and I felt motivated and determined. The benefits are endless. Where I lost the weight I started running and now take part in several extreme running events throughout the year. *"


Jayne Allen from Basildon

" I found a flyer for NSC Clinics in a magazine and thought ‘lets give them a ring, what have I got to lose…apart from my weight!’, so I phoned the clinic and I am so very pleased that I did.*"


Laura Wilde from Bradford

"Since losing weight with NSCC my confidence has increased, I can now go into a shop and pick up clothes without trying them on knowing they will fit. *"

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