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About Waist-to-Hip Measurements

The Waist to Hip ratio measures the circumference of your waist to that of your hips. This is an important indicator of how healthy your body shape is and is also a measurement of obesity and visceral fat, which in turn is a possible indicator of other more serious health conditions such as heart disease.


A ratio over 1.0 for men or over 0.85 for women suggests there’s more weight around your middle than is recommended, which may mean you need to consider a diet programme to decrease the size of your waist or hips. If you find you are over the average ratio then please book a free consultation with one of our doctors who will give you expert advice on how to shift the weight around your middle in order for you to live a healthier life style.


Alison Green from Portsmouth

"My partner had used NSCC before and recommended I gave it a go. I found the staff and doctors very friendly and totally non-judgemental, along with the tablets, they also gave me a lot of advice on diet and exercise. What really gave me willpower this time was the fact that I was seeing someone weekly and seeing the weight fall off so easily. And after just three months I have gone from a size 22 to a size 12, loosing 3 stone.*"


Alex Marlow from Cardiff

"The tablets helped me change my eating habits and lifestyle, which lead me to lose a lot of weight. They help give you the real kick start that you need to motivate you and make you realise what you can achieve. *"


Dana Vivian from Bournemouth

"The main advantages of my weight loss are buying smaller clothes definitely; I can pick what I want off the rail. I also found that my feet shrank, I am now a size 3 and I can buy boots that zip right up to the knee, it’s an amazing feeling. I became a gym bunny too and I love to exercise. I have also found a new fella in my life!*"

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